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Full internal clean of your retinal camera from £410 (plus VAT)

We service

  • Nidek AFC 210
  • Nidek AFC 230
  • Topcon NW6
  • Topcon NW8
  • DRS
  • and many more



Frost is the UK’s number 1 for optical equipment servicing, providing a dedicated service to the optical industry.

In addition to the standard equipment service, we can also complete a comprehensive service and full internal optical clean of your retinal camera.

This comprehensive service is a major overhaul, including a total strip down of the retinal camera as we access every lens in the internal optical system.

We clean the exterior body of the camera. We check the alignment and focus calibration. All the mirrors and lenses are thoroughly cleaned and checked. The full optical path is cleaned. Any internal illumination is checked. The functionality of the camera is checked to ensure that you get the best possible images from the camera. Finally, we complete an image quality check in readiness for usage.

The result of this comprehensive service is much improved imagery, clearer, sharper images to help with the diagnosis process.

Before and after photo


               BEFORE                        AFTER

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