‘Eye Capture at your palm’


Key Features:

  • High Quality Images: QuickVue Plus is designed to deliver exceptional image quality, providing optometrists with crystal-clear visuals for accurate and detailed examinations.
  • Integrated Yellow Filter: Enhance your diagnostic precision with the integrated yellow filter, optimizing image contrast and aiding in the identification of subtle abnormalities.
  • White and Blue Illumination: The device features versatile white and blue illumination options, catering to diverse examination scenarios and ensuring optimal visibility in varying conditions.




The future of eye examinations with QuickVue Plus, an innovative smartphone adaptor crafted for anterior segment imaging. Tailored to cater to the unique demands of optometrists, general practitioners, paediatricians, veterinarians, and beyond, this cutting-edge device sets a new benchmark with its 15x magnification capabilities, ensuring it exceeds the essential requirements of comprehensive eye examinations.

Engineered with a specially designed optical lens, QuickVue Plus excels in capturing pristine anterior images, facilitating primary eye care examinations and telemedicine with unparalleled clarity. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with the seamless integration of technology and precision, setting new standards in ophthalmic imaging.

Experience the future of optometry with QuickVue Plus – Where Innovation Meets Clarity. Contact us to explore how this cutting-edge device can transform your practice.