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Keeler 3.6V LED Professional Ophthalmoscope

Precision Capabilities for the Ophthalmic Professional



Keeler LED Professional Ophthalmoscope 3.6V

Precision Capabilities for the Ophthalmic Professional

  • Single Dioptre Steps from +9 to -10 allow precision changes to lens power.
  • A secondary Auxiliary Lens Wheel allows secondary lenses to provide +/-20 jumps in Dioptre lens power.
  • Additional Glaucoma graticule provides improved diagnostic capabilities.
  • Available with a 2.8V or 3.6V Bulb or LED Illumination.
  • 2.8V models accept AA Batteries. 3.6V models accept rechargeable 3.6V Lithium Battery
  • Charger sold separately.
  • Optical Excellence
  • Manufactured in the UK


  • Professional ophthalmoscope
  • Handle
  • Spare bulb (Bulb Models Only)
  • Instructions CD
  • Protective case
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery (3.6V Models Only)

Model number 1128-P-1015

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