ARC Elite Anterior Imaging

ARC Optical is a UK based company manufacturing a range of imaging products retrofittable to many makes and models of slit lamp.

ARC Elite utilises large format ultra-sensitive image sensors for exceptional image sharpness and colour reproduction with minimal patient discomfort.

With extended spectral range and extended depth of focus and options to image in the infra-red spectrum ARC Elite facilitates superb quality image capture from UV fluorescein examinations to infra-red meibomian gland analysis with minimal user input.

With a high speed USB3 interface and the recommended use of Solid-State Hard Drives ARC Elite seamlessly captures video clips at full 5MP resolution.

Compatible slit lamps include: 66 Vision; Bon Optic; CSO; Haag Streit; Huvitz; Inami; Keeler; Mediworks; Mitron; Rodenstock (current); Shin Nippon; Takagi; Topcon; Zeiss

The popup camera dashboard provides optimised repeatable control of the camera’s exposure, colour balance and gamma settings along with full control of the optional ARCcam UHDMG non contact meibographer.

Software driven UV, and visible light filters provide significant improvements in fluorescein and Lissamine Green imaging ARCcam UHDSL includes ARCv5 image review/database software. This provides a patient image database, post-acquisition image enhancement and will interface with all ARC Optical products and many fundus cameras


Please see below for some images obtained using the ARC Elite Anterior Imaging