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Digital Slit lamp camera

At Frost we try to bring you some of the cutting edge innovations from the optical industry, one of our recent finds is the ARC Elite IR Illuminator.

This stunning piece of equipment is made in  the UK and utilises large format ultra-sensitive image sensors for exceptional image sharpness and colour reproduction with minimal patient discomfort.

With a high speed USB3 interface and the recommended use of Solid-State Hard Drives ARC Elite seamlessly captures video clips at full 5MP resolution.

Compatible slit lamps include: 66 Vision; Bon Optic; CSO; Haag Streit; Huvitz; Inami; Keeler; Mediworks; Mitron; Rodenstock (current); Shin Nippon; Takagi; Topcon; Zeiss.

With the option of an additional IR illuminator ARC Elite provides a quick, patient friendly method for obtaining information on meibomian gland health.

Similarly, poor night-time vision after laser surgery or with multi focal or gas permeable contact lenses can often be accounted for by being able to detect scotopic and mesopic pupil size.

The ARC IR Illuminator attaches to most slit lamps with a R or T type tonometer mount and can deliver images to most image capture systems.

Please see below for some images obtained using the ARC Elite IR Illuminator.